Our parent company E-Dea Spa, with more than 19 years of experience, provides software innovation for Ferries, Cruises and Ports that streamlines booking, ticketing and check-in, improving the overall Passengers’ Experience.

E-Dea core business is exclusively focused on the maritime sector, with customers among leading ferry operators and ports, both in Europe and Canada. E-Dea’s systems have been adopted by leading ferry companies.

In 2018 E-Dea technology has been used to manage more over 39.000.000 passengers and 15.000.000 vehicles all over the world

We combine industry best practices with innovative technology and world-class services that enable maritime transport operators worldwide to maximize performance, increase revenue, streamline processes and reduce costs.

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Thanks to our long proven track-record in Ferry Industry for medium and large company in the 2017 we started a new exciting project – Ferry Cloud aimed to target Fast Ferry Companies with intent to create and provide a standard package solution to manage this segment of business.

Cloud Technology has been a perfect enabling factor to provide a service rather than a software to this segment of Ferry Companies who struggle to maintain an IT organization to be focused on IT services that at time being are already a commodity.

Cloud technology grants increased flexibility with users that can scale services to fit their needs, reduced time to market of upgrades and new releases and upgraded strategic value, proving the ferry company with the most updated technology.

We are committed to fill up this white space with our compelling Saas Ferry Cloud Solution and are glad to partner and evolve our solution with our current and future Ferry Cloud customers.

Have a wonderful Ferry Cloud!